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Below are the most common questions I receive:

Do I need to live near you to work with you?

No! My services are currently available to women in the US, Canada, and the UK - your workouts + meal plans + my online community are ALL online and save you time + energy! I live in New England and travel between our homes in Massachusetts and New Hampshire frequently - I LOVE having workouts and a community that travels WITH me!

If I had a coach in the past, but they have quit - can I switch to you, Lil?

Yes! Its simple to make the switch - simply contact me HERE so we can connect!

Do I need to order Shakeology to join your group?

No! When you work with me, we create a plan that works for your needs. We have so much more than just Shakeology and workouts and I love customizing a plan that works for YOU! *You can join my community for as little as $39 for a 3-month membership! Learn more HERE.

Where do you buy your workout clothes?

I’m a HUGE fan of Athleta ! I’ve had leggings that last 8+ years and love the quality - I shop 100% online, lol - so once I find a brand that I love, I pretty much stick to it!

Do I need to become a coach to join your online community?

Nope! When you sign up with me, you can join as a customer OR as a coach. I actually signed up as a “coach” JUST for the discount (who doesn’t like to save 25%?!) - but then decided to become a working coach, just a few days after starting my program. I knew it was special and felt I needed to share it with others!

Can I join your group if I want to go to go to the gym and only want to work on my nutrition?

Yes! If you have a fitness plan that works for you - we have amazing nutrition programs that you can customize to match your fitness plan! You can also focus only on nutrition without working out - BUT I personally believe that fitness AND nutrition go hand in hand and we have programs for ALL fitness levels, so even if you’ve never worked out a day in your life - now might be the right time to just start!

What meal prep containers do you use?

I get this question ALL.THE.TIME. - I’ve linked all my fave Meal Prep containers + tools HERE

Are you a registered nurse?

Not anymore! 5 years ago, I left my nursing career to coach full-time. As much as I LOVED being a nurse - coaching allows me to help more women + their families and prevent illness rather than being in acute care. I was working in pharmaceutical safety when I became a coach and built my business while working a corporate job! Once a nurse always a nurse, but coaching is my true passion!

What is your favorite book to create new habits?

I ask all my new clients to purchase The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod - having a productive morning routine BEFORE my kids wake-up has been the key to my own success and this book changed my life! You can find all my favorite morning routine resources HERE

What do I need to do to join your group?

Just fill out the application HERE